Ubuntu Gnome 15.04 – Install Adobe Flash Plugin

Enrich your multimedia experience on your web browser by installing Adobe Flash Plugin. Adobe Flash Plugin is needed to play various multimedia content on a website. By default, Ubuntu Gnome does not shipped with Adobe Flash plugin. But this package can be installed easily.

To check if Adobe Flash plugin is installed or not, simply open Mozilla Firefox and type “about:plugins” without quotes. Find Shockwave Flash on that page. If you can’t find it, this means you don’t have flash plugin installed on your system.

flash plugin on ubuntuIn order to install Adobe Flash Plugin on Ubuntu based Linux, simply use the following command on Terminal:

sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer

Wait until download and installation completed. Once finished, check again via Firefox using the step mentioned above. Thank you for reading this howto tutorial to install Adobe Flash Plugin on Ubuntu Gnome 15.04.


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