Univention Corporate Server 4.0.3 is released

The new version of Univention Corporate Server 4.0.3 is now released with many improvements. UCS is my favorite Linux distro for Server together with ClearOS. UCS 4.0.3 is an advanced Linux server based on rock solid Debian Linux. It has all you need to power up your server. Domain Controller (Active Directory), MySQL Database, Gateway, DHCP Server and many other server features can be found in UCS.

univention corporate server

Release Note:

The mail server Dovecot has been integrated as standard IMAP/POP3 server into UCS and offers an alternative to the still available Cyrus IMAP server. More information is available in this blog article. The compatibility to Active Directory has been improved with the Samba update to 4.2.3. This includes, among others, improvements in the DRS replication and the printer driver handling. In addition, the join of Huawai storage systems in the Active Directory domain provided by UCS is now also possible. Several enhancements in design and usability of the Univention Management Console have been implemented. For example, it is now possible to use the forward and back buttons of the web browser. This allows a simpler and faster navigation in the management interface. LDAP filters can now be defined for LDAP policies. That means the LDAP policy applies only to the objects that match the LDAP filter. This makes it possible to use LDAP policies in an easy and generic way especially in large environments.

Upgrade from UCS 4.0.2 can be done automatically through the web management console in the Update section. I have been using Univention Corporate Server 4.0 for about a year and very satisfied with the performance and features.

Download Univention Corporate Server 4.0.3 ISO


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