How to Update Nextcloud via Web Admin Interface

Nextcloud Tutorial – This how to tutorial is going to show you how to update Nextcloud Server installation via web admin interface. As you may know, Nextcloud is a fork of Owncloud, a free and powerful file storage and file sharing service. It has many great features for your personal or even for your company. If there is update available, the Nextcloud admin users will be notified about the update. And then, we can easily update to the new version both via web administration interface or via command line. Before we continue, you may want to take a look at my previous tutorial on how to install Nextcloud 12 on Ubuntu 17.04.

On this tutorial, I use the following:

  • Ubuntu 17.04 Server edition
  • Nextcloud version 12.0.1

How to update Nextcloud via Web Admin Interface

Log in to the Nextcloud web admin. Scroll down until you see the Version of the current Nextcloud installation.

If there is an update, you will see like the image above. To start update process, simply press Open updater button.

Click Start update button to start the update process. This updater will create backup and some additional steps automatically. When all satisfied, you will see something like this

There are two options to update. You can select Yes and use the command line tool or select No to update using web based updater. The easiest way is to use the web updater.

Update Nextcloud

Press Start Update button to start the update process. This step will take some times, so be patient. Once completed, Nextcloud will automatically reload the new version. If all goes well, you can enjoy the new version of Nextcloud by then.


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