URL Blocker – Free tool to block access to certain websites

Do you think you need to block access to certain websites from your computer? You may don’t want your kids access facebook or any other unwanted websites. Well, there are many expensive parental control software can do this. But did you know that there is a simple, free tool that can be used to block access to certain websites? URL Blocker is a tiny and simple application to block specific websites.

What is URL Blocker

URL Blocker is a free, simple tool that can be used to block access to specific websites. We can add or import websites in few clicks with no complicated user interface.

url blocker

URL Blocker does not need to be installed and the size is very small (53 KB).

How to block a website using URL Blocker

Download URL Blocker and run the .exe file. Type the website url or domain and then click Add. You may add as many as you want and then press Apply. You will need to log out from Windows to activate. For a complete usage instruction, you can visit this page.


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