VB.Net Code to open MS Access accdb file example

Its been a while I am not posting about VisualBasic.NET tutorial on this lovely blog.  Here I want to show you how to open MS Access file (.accdb) from a VisualBasic.NET form/application. There are many Questions and Answer about this issue.

The following code have been tested to work on VisualStudio 2015. I think this will work as well on other versions. See how I use this code to open Microsoft Access (.accdb) file using VisualBasic language.

    Private Sub btn_LoggingDataEntry_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btn_LoggingDataEntry.Click
        On Error GoTo errhandler
        Exit Sub

    End Sub

To open a file, I use Process.Start method and it works pretty well.


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