Villa Pererepan, a wonderful Eco-Villa in Bali Indonesia

You can find many beautiful villas in Bali, Indonesia. There are modern and traditional villas available. Villa Pererepan is one of many wonderful Eco-villa in Bali. This nice villa is blended with the surrounding nature and has minimal impact to the environment. The main structure is made from Bamboo clad with iron-wood shingles.

Pererepan Villa is located at Jalan Melayang, Gianyar, Bali 90571, Indonesia. You may visit this page to make a reservation

villa pererepan bali 1

A small pool in front of the main room will pleasure you while enjoying the nature.

villa pererepan bali 3

villa pererepan bali 2

villa pererepan bali 4

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Need a reservation? Please visit the official website


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