VMware Guest Machine cannot obtain IP address on bridge network mode now fixed

I was unable to obtain IP address on my VMware Workstation guest machine when I set the network adapter to Bridged (Automatic). But when I change the setting from Bridge to NAT, the guest machine can obtain IP address without problem. But NAT is not the one I want.


After looking around, I have found the solution to get the Bridge mode working on Guest Machine. My problem occur because I have installed VirtualBox before the VMware. So, the first virtual network adapter already been used by VirtualBox. We need to edit this so it also works with VMware Workstation guest machine. Here is the solution.

I am using Windows 8 as the Host machine. Open the Network and Sharing Center on Control Panel. Then, You should see there are at least 3 connections created by VMware Workstation installation. See the picture below.


By default, VMware guest machine will use the VMnet0. So we need to edit the first one. In Windows 8 Network and Sharing Center, click the VirtualBox Host-Only Network. We will need to enable the Bridge Networking Driver on it.


Click Properties and you will see the list of the items used by the connection. Make sure you check the option VMware Bridge Protocol and VirtualBox Bridge Networking Driver.

Press OK and now your VMware guest machine should be able to obtain IP address from the DHCP server on your network in Bridge mode.

Try this.



  1. Thanks VERY MUCH for this informative post. I was just struggling with this very same issue (I could obtain an IP via NAT, but not Bridged, using VMWare Player), so I uninstalled IOracle VM VirtualBox 4.3.12, rebooted, and then re-launched VMWare Player with my virtual machine. Lo and behold, the issue was resolved.

    Thanks again,
    Team Concise

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