WebcamMax, Rich features webcam recorder

If you are a webcam live streaming geek, this software could be a good companion for you. WebcamMax, a rich features webcam recording software for Windows. The new version of WebcamMax is now available for download. The full version of WebcamMax 7.9 cost about $49.0 and you will get thousands effects you can apply to your recording/webcam live streaming video. WebcamMax is integrated and works well with various online application such as Yahoo Messenger, Skype, YouTube and many more. During installation, you will be asked to select the program to associate with WebcamMax.

webcammax full version

WebcamMax has all the basic features you need from a webcam software. It can record videos, capture your webcam photos and off course you can add effects to your webcam video or photo right away from this application.

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You can directly upload the recorded video to YouTube and share on Facebook as well. There are still many features you can explore with this WebcamMax. Download it now and give a try before deciding to purchase the WebcamMax 7.9 full version.

Download details:

  • Application Name: WebcamMax
  • Version:
  • Platform: Windows
  • License: Paid
  • Download


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