Windows Grep 2.3.0, powerful file and text finder for Windows

Its a bit frustrating when we have thousands of files (excel or word files for example) and we want to search a text string inside those files. By default, Windows can’t help much on this. So, I need third party application (free if applicable).

If you have the same problem with me, you may try Windows Grep, 2.3.0 a simple, lightweight application that help me to find text in a file. It allows us to search text and supports various extension.

Windows Grep 2.3.0.png

Windows Grep is very easy. Simply open the application and you will be provided a wizard based search mode.

Windows Grep 2

Enter your search text and select type of search you want. Normal (regular expression should do). You can also activate the Match case or Find whole word only if you want. Press Next to continue. Select which folder you want to search in.

how to search text on windows

Next, select what kind of file you want to search. If you are unsure, select *.* to include any files on the search.

how to search text on windows 2

Press Finish to start the search process. In my experience, this program works very well and very useful for me. It can be used to search files or text in a network drive and I can tell you that this is pretty fast.

If you are interested, you may download Windows Grep from the official website. Its free.


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