WOW…FrostWire 5.7.7 is released!!, how to install it on Ubuntu 14.10, Ubuntu 14.04

FrostWire is my favorite BitTorrent application for my Linux systems. The new version of FrostWire 5.7.7 for Linux is now available which brings a lot of improvements. FrostWire 5.7.7 has a nice, fresh user interface make easier for any Linux users to download files from the internet via Torrent protocol. This tutorial I will show you how to install FrostWire 5.7.7 on Ubuntu 14.10, Ubuntu 14.04 and all derivatives. 

FrostWire 5.7.7 changes and fixes:

  • New: VPN connection status indicator.
  • New: Stop media playback by long pressing play/pause button.
  • Fix: Freeze when opening FrostWire from the first time out of clicking on a magnet link or .torrent file.
  • Fix: Bug where files couldn’t be played with the main player button.
  • Fix: Bug where the speaker icon on the library would still show after the media player had stopped.
  • Fix: Bug after 5.7.5 in which the buttons of the Create Torrent dialog were not visible unless the window was resized.
  • Fixes issue on Linux when player window pixel translucency could not be set.
  • Fixes issue where user could not create new playlist by dropping songs from existing playlist into ‘New Playlist’ list item in the library.
  • Updated MigLayout source code to version 4.0

Steps to install FrostWire 5.7.7 on Ubuntu 14.10 and Ubuntu 14.04

Since its not available through official repository or third party PPA repository, we need to install FrostWire 5.7.7 on Ubuntu manually. Paste these commands on Terminal and you should be fine.

sudo dpkg -i frostwire-5.7.7.all.deb

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