X2go Client is now support Unity desktop, but it does not work for me

X2go is my favorite remote desktop application for my Linux system. With X2go, I can easily connect to my remote Linux from any other computer on the same network. X2go is simple and fast remote desktop application. The new version of X2go client for Windows supports Unity desktop which is used by most recent Ubuntu system. Its a good news for me since previously I have to install gnome-session-fallback on Ubuntu so I can connect to it from my Windows 8 computer.


But unfortunately, when I try this new feature, I got a blank screen on my X2Go client. I am using Windows 8 as the client and tried to connect to my Ubuntu 13.10 desktop with X2Go server installed on it. What I am doing wrong? I still try to find out why it still won’t work.



  1. Hey did you ever get this to work?

    I just set everything up for a connection with my Ubuntu 14.04 server (running on a Windows 7 Ultimate machine under VirtualBox), via my MacBook Pro using XQuartz (latest version of everything including server on the Ubuntu vm), but I’m getting just a blank screen also from here. I was wondering if you’d found some tweak that enabled it to work for you since you wrote about this please?


    • Hi, did you try to connect to an Ubuntu Server? If so, you can only connect to the server using ssh protocol. In other word, you will only see a text based console to manage your server. I still working around to get it works with Ubuntu Desktop with Unity.

  2. hello,
    I think that if you set “unity” in x2go client you should connect to an ubuntu 12.04 server because ubuntu 12.04 was the latest version with unity 2d (it requires no compositing or opengl).
    After ubuntu 12.10 unity 2d was removed so, unity needs opengl/compositing to work and of course inside a terminal server session is actually impossible.

    BTW in my opinion every version of unity is totally not raccomended to use in terminal server environment.

    so, my raccomandation is to install the gnome-fallback (for 12.04) or gnome-flashback (for 14.04) and then connect setting x2go client to “gnome”. This will make work the old gnome classic interface… to make it better looking, if needed, you can install a dock like plank and/or global manu package.

  3. I can see that I’m not the only one with this problem. I installed x2go on a virtual machine, to find out if I could get RDP to work for one of our users. I was experiencing the same as you describe here.

    After trying a few things to fix the Unity, I tried “connect to local desktop”, just for the heck of it. To my amusement, that worked – might be worth a try. :)

  4. There is my experience for your reference. It is needed to adjust the resolution that is not run in the correct one when using X2go client on Windows platform, but it is not any problem on Linux. So I created a shortcut on desktop. Once it not show the full desktop, re-adjust the resolution and it will be resumed to normal.


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