Zentyal 4.1, a powerful Linux server

There are various Linux distribution made for Server. You may choose from Univention Corporate Server, Zentyal, ClearOS, NethServer, FreeNAS, NAS4Free to power up your home or office. Here I want to give a brief review of the new Zentyal 4.1 Community Edition or Development editions. Zentyal is a Debian based Linux that is modified and optimized for server usage. It comes with an easy to use web based, centralized management console where we can use it to monitor and perform various tasks to the server.

zentyal 4.1 dashboard

The Zentyal Dashboard provides a detailed information about the system. System, Network, Users and Group, add or remove modules, File Sharing, DNS can me managed through the dashboard. System Update can be done via dashboard. With few clicks, we can get the Zentyal updated to the most recent version.

zentyal update

Zentyal is available for free (Development editions) and if you want the professional one, you can get the commercial version which is more reliable and good for a company.


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