Zorin OS 12.1 is now available for download

Good news for Linux users. The new version of Zorin OS 12.1 is now available for download. Zorin OS is a Ubuntu based Linux which is very easy to use, beautiful and easy to customize. What’s new on Zorin OS 12.1? Actually, this 12.1 version is a minor release which does not include major features upgrades.┬áBut still, you will have the latest Kernel 4.8, many software updates, new version Xorg Server which supports most recent hardware.

Zorin OS is available in three editions: Core, Business and Ultimate. The Core version can be downloaded and used for free. If you want more features and supports, you can go for Business or Ultimate editions. If you are new to Linux and want to switch from Windows, Zorin OS is for you.

Download Zorin OS 12.1 ISO


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