Zorin OS 12 Screenshots Tour

The new version of Zorin OS 12 is now out. This Ubuntu based Linux comes with many interesting features and a refreshing user interface. Zorin OS 12 could be the best Windows and Mac OS X replacement. Its ability to be customized could be a great features you will love. The new desktop interface is a great revolution to Linux user experience.

The Desktop


Zorin OS 12 Desktop is powered by Gnome Shell and shipped with an enormous variety of new features:

Activities Overview

Universal Search

Its a great improvement on Zorin OS Universal Search feature where we can easily search anything on our computer and even further.


Improved Display Supports

Zorin OS 12 add some more features to touchscreen enabled laptop to improve desktop navigation:

  • 3+ finger pinch opens the Activities Overview
  • 4 finger drag (up or down) switches workspaces
  • 3 finger hold & tap switches between apps

Better Zorin Appearance


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