Zorin OS 9.1 Screenshots Tour

I just installed the latest version of Zorin OS 9.1. If you like, you may read how to install Zorin OS 9.1. Here I want to share some screenshots of Zorin OS 9.1. Zorin OS 9 is a perfect distribution for anyone who wants to keep Windows 7 preferences/looks on their computer. Zorin OS comes with a simple, nice and easy desktop design good for Windows users who wants to switch to Linux.

zorin 9 screenshot 1

Zorin OS 9.1 desktop.

zorin os 9 screenshot 3

Application menu on Zorin OS 9.1. It reminds us to Windows 7 style.

zorin os 9 screenshot 2

Internet applications (Firefox and Remmina remote desktop client) on Zorin OS 9

zorin os 9 screenshot 4

Zorin Web browser Manager. You can install multiple browser application using this GUI application installer.

zorin os 9 screenshot 5

Photo organizer and viewer on Zorin OS 9


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