How to create Manjaro Live USB from Ubuntu 16.04

I love to test any new Linux distribution. The easiest and safest way to test the new Linux distribution is using Live USB. There is no risk to my current Operating System. Here I want to show you how to create Manjaro Live USB from an Ubuntu 16.04 machine. On Windows machine, I highly recommend to use Rufus to create any Linux Live USB. In order to create Manjaro Live USB from Ubuntu 16.04, you will need to install Unetbootin. The default Startup Disk Creator on Ubuntu 16.04 won’t work with Manjaro.

How to create Manjaro Live USB from Ubuntu

Step 1 Install Unetbootin

Use Ubuntu Software Center or Terminal command to install Unetbootin on Ubuntu

Step 2. Download Manjaro ISO

You can visit the official Manjaro download page or the Community edition to get the latest ISO.

Step 3. Create Manjaro Live USB

Plug your USB thumb drive to any USB port on your computer. Make sure you have more than 4 GB space on the flash disk. Open Unetbootin and provide the root password to continue. On the main Unetbootin window, select Disk Image and browse to the ISO file you have downloaded on the step 2.

how to create manjaro live usb from ubuntu

Make sure you select USB Drive on the Type section and also select your actual Drive such as /dev/sdc1. You can check which drive is used by your USB flash disk using fdisk command.

You should see something like this:

In my case, my USB Thumb drive is listed as /dev/sdc1. This can be different with yours.

When ready press OK and it will start copying necessary files to the flash drive. Once finished, you will see something like this on Unetbootin main window.


Now reboot your computer and boot it from the USB. Enjoy Manjaro from your USB drive. Thank you for coming. I hope you enjoy reading this how to create Manjaro Live USB from Ubuntu article as I love to write it.


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