How to connect to an iSCSI target from Linux Lite 3.0

Today I am testing and playing with my Linux Lite 3.0 dekstop. Its fun and interesting to work with Linux Lite 3.0. Here I want to share about how to connect to iSCSI target from my Linux Lite 3.0. I know this task is not kind of a usual desktop users but in case you are working with Linux Lite and willing to connect to your existing iSCSI target, this tutorial may help.

Please take a note that this tutorial uses the existing iscsi target server. So, if you don’t have any iscsi target enabled on your network, you should create a new one first before attempting to connect to it. Ok, here is my setup:

  • iscsi target server IP address:
  • iscsi initiator: my Linux Lite 3.0 desktop

First we need to install iscsi administration package via Terminal.

That is the only package we need to connect to an iscsi target. Still in Terminal, execute this command:

You may change the ip address with your target server. And please also note that my iscsi target does not require any authentication. And the output will looks like this:,1

Make a note of the iscsi target detail from the output and then execute this command. Change the iqn*** part with yours.

Sample Output:

Logging in to [iface: default, target:, portal:,3260] (multiple)
Login to [iface: default, target:, portal:,3260] successful.

Now check if your iscsi target disk is listed from fdisk -l command

Sample Output:

iscsi target on linux liteNow your new iscsi disk should be listed and you can then mount, format or do anything you want. Thank you.


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