How to Install Docker on Fedora 28

Welcome to Fedora tutorial. Today, we are going to show you how to install Docker on Fedora 28. For end users, Docker provides an easy access to thousands of open source projects varying from databases, development tool, web server and many more. As a GIS, I can easily deploy a PostGIS server on my docker container.

Steps to Install Docker on Fedora 28

This tutorial applies to Fedora 28. But, you may try the same way on previous Fedora 27 and Fedora 26. The following steps will install Docker Community Edition. We need to make sure there is no old version of Docker installed on our system. If exist, we need to remove it first. Use this command to remove any previous version of Docker.

Now, let’s add the Docker repository on Fedora 28

Now, let’s install Docker with this command

After the installation finishes, let’s start and enable Docker 

Done. You can now check Docker version and start using it

Output example:


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