How to Install Docker on Manjaro 18.0

Welcome to Manjaro Tutorial. Today we are going to learn how to install Docker on Manjaro 18.0. Docker is a powerful virtualization software that lets us to build, deploy and distribute our applications. The latest version of Docker Community Edition when this article is being written is version 18.06.Let’s get started.

Install Docker on Manjaro 18.0

Install via Pamac Package Manager

Open Pamac and then type docker on the search box. You should see many matching packages in the search result.

As shown on the picture above, mark the first entry and then press Apply. The installation will start immediately.

Install via Terminal

Alternatively, use this command below to install Docker on Manjaro 18.0

sudo pacman -S docker

Wait until the installation process completes.

Check Docker version

Let’s check the docker version

docker version

It should display detailed information about your Docker version.


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