How to install Spotio Skin for Spotify on Ubuntu 16.04

Boring with the default Spotify skin? Try this new Spotio, a completely refreshing Spotify skin. Spotio will make your Spotify looks better. And this tutorial is going to show you how to install Spotio on Ubuntu 16.04. Before we go through, here is my Spotify looks like.

spotify ubuntuIts a light Spotify skin. If you like it, you may install this on your Ubuntu 16.04. No matter you already have Spotify installed or not, this will remove and install new Spotify on your Ubuntu 16.04.

First, download the Spotio zip package from the link below

Next, extract the file and it will produce a new directory called spotio-master. Open the directory and then open Terminal and cd to the spotio-master directory

Change the directory with yours. Next, execute this command

The command will download some packages from the internet. Wait until it completed. Once completed, cd to dist directory under spotio-master folder

There should be a new file called spotio.deb. We need to install it

When finished, run Spotify from Dash menu.

spotify ubuntu 16.04I also created a video tutorial on how to install Spotio Skin on Ubuntu 16.04. Enjoy my video and subscribe for more video like this.


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