How to install desktop app on Ubuntu

I am a Blogger and I am using WordPress powered website on this blog. Its a good thing to have desktop app on my computer to write posts to my blogs. desktop application is a web based application developed for users or WordPress powered websites users. We can easily add posts, manage posts, tags and categories right away from this application. Desktop App supports Windows and Linux as well. If you are running Ubuntu, you can easily install Desktop app on Ubuntu.

To install Desktop App on Ubuntu, first you will need to download the DEB installation file. Then simply install the package using the following command

Now you can run application from your Ubuntu without having to log in to your wordpress wp-admin page. on ubuntuTo start using this program, login using your credentials. You can create a new account if you don’t have it yet. Also, you can add self hosted sites but you will need to install JetPacks plugin first on your website in order to use this application.


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