Install Mac OS X Catalina Theme on Ubuntu 19.04

Welcome to my Ubuntu tutorial. In this article, I am going to show you how to install Mac OS X Catalina theme on Ubuntu 19.04. Ubuntu 19.04 is a great Linux operating system for desktop. This is not Long Term Support (LTS) version but I use it for my daily work and it’s very stable. Since I am a fan on Mac OS X theme, I will always install the Mac theme on my Linux desktop. In my previous article, I have shown you how to make Ubuntu looks like Mac OS X Mojave.

This Mac OS X Catalina looks pretty much similar to the Mojave version but if you look in depth, you will see some differences in some details. So let’s start.

Step 1. Update Ubuntu

As a standard operating procedures, I would suggest you to update your Ubuntu especially if this is your freshly installed Ubuntu 19.04. In some cases, I could not install Gnome shell extension on a fresh Ubuntu 19.04. But after update, the problems are fixed. So, update your system is the first thing to do here.

Step 2. Install Prerequisites packages

Now we are going to install Gnome Tweaks as well as gnome shell extension.

Step 3. Download Mac OS X Catalina GTK3 Theme and Icon Theme

There are many GTK3 themes in Gnome-Look website. But for this particular purpose, I would recommend the following theme and icon theme.

Combination of these two GTK3 theme and Icon them is great. Visit the website and download the theme from there. Save it to your download directory.

Step 3. Apply Mac OS X Catalina Theme and Icon Theme

Install McOS-Theme

Extract the file and move the folder to /usr/share/themes. You will need sudo or root privilege to move to this directory. For example:

If you have more than one theme, you can repeat this step.

Install OS Catalina Icon Theme

Similar to the GTK3 theme, we need to extract the package first. And then move the directory to /usr/share/icons

Step 4. Install Gnome Shell Extension

Gnome Shell Extension is a great way to modify your Gnome settings. You can install many extension with different purposes. But in this task we are going to install the following extension. Before we can install any extension, we need to enable the browser extension support for Ubuntu. Go to the following website: and click “Click Here to Install Browser Extension”

Next, install the following extension. You can use the search box in the website to find the following extension.

On each extension, click the On/OFF button on that page to enable/disable the extension.

In my case, I got an error message after I turned on the Dash to Dock extension. But, actually it works well though.

Step 5. Apply the Mac OS X Catalina Theme

Now let’s jump into the real fun stuff. Open Gnome Tweak Tool and then go to Appearance tab. Select the Mac theme and icon theme from there.

Apply mac os x catalina theme

Now go to Extension tab and click the Dash to Dock Settings button. With this extension, we can configure the Ubuntu Dock such as move it to the bottom, move the application launcher to the left as well as resize the icon size.

Finally, find and grab some nice Mac OS X Catalina wallpaper. I don’t have any recommended one for the wallpaper. You should Googling for this wallpaper.


Here is my final result. I am turning this default Ubuntu 19.04 theme

Into this one


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