Install Mega Sync Client on Ubuntu 16.10 offers 50 GB free online cloud storage, good to start using cloud storage for anyone. Mega Sync Client is a special software to sync our local computer with the our Mega account. Its a simple and useful application for Mega users.

Mega Sync Client is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Many distributions are supported. I am using Ubuntu 16.10 and I am going to show you how to install Mega Sync Client on Ubuntu 16.10.

Step 1. Download Mega Sync Client for Ubuntu 16.10 64bit

Step 2. Install the package

Use this command to install the deb package

Now open Mega application. Login with your Mega account or create a new one for free.

Mega Sync offers full sync and selective sync.

Next, configure the sync folders.

Viola, Mega is now configured on Ubuntu 16.10.


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