How to install PHPMyAdmin on Arch Linux 2017

Arch Linux Tutorial – Hello everyone, today I will show you how to install PHPMyAdmin on Arch Linux 2017. As you know, PHPMyAdmin is a free tool build on top of PHP technology to manage your MySQL Server. We can do many things to our MySQL Server via this web based tool PHPMyAdmin. PHPMyAdmin on Arch Linux can be installed via yaourt command. Its very easy but make sure you have installed yaourt and setup AUR repository on your Arch Linux. For detailed guide, please continue.

Steps to install PHPMyAdmin on Arch Linux 2017

  • Setup AUR and Install yaourt
  • Install PHPMyAdmin
  • Start using PHPMyAdmin on Arch Linux

Step 1. Enable AUR on Arch Linux

Please read my other tutorial on how to enable AUR repository on Arch Linux. Or you can also refers to this post to install yaourt, AUR command line tool for Arch Linux.

Step 2. Install PHPMyAdmin

Open Terminal or connect via SSH to your Arch Linux. Then, execute the following command to install PHPMyAdmin


After install, we can open a web browser and type the Arch Linux IP address as follow


Login using your MySQL user and password.


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