Mozilla Firefox 30 arrived to Ubuntu repository-How to install it on Kubuntu 14.04

The new version of Mozilla Firefox 30 is now available for Linux system. There are a lot of fix and improvements on this new release. Since ths new Firefox 30 is now included on Ubuntu repository, we can easily install or upgrade to this Firefox 30 on most Ubuntu based Linux such as Kubuntu 14.04. This tutorial will show you how to upgrade to this Firefox 30.

install firefox 30 kubuntu 14.04

What’s new in Firefox 30:

  • Sidebars button in browser chrome enables faster access to social, bookmark, & history sidebars
  • Disallow calling WebIDL constructors as functions on the web
  • Support for GStreamer 1.0 (see 806917 for build configuration)
  • For more info please visit the official Firefox 30 release note.

To install Firefox 30 on Kubuntu 14.04, do the following on Terminal

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]


The command above will attempt to update or install Mozilla Firefox 30 on Kubuntu 14.04.


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