Picty, a simple and good looking photo manager for Ubuntu

Picty is a free, open source photo management software for Linux. Picty comes with a simple user interface and its good looking. If you have many photos, Picty is ready to handle a large collection of photos (up to 20.000 images). Picty can be installed on Ubuntu and all derivatives easily.

picty photo manager

Picty Features:

  • Supports big photo collections (20,000 plus images).
  • Open more than one collection at a time and transfer images between them.
  • Collections are:
  • Folders of images in your local file system.
  • Images on cameras, phones and other media devices.
  • Photo hosting services (Flickr currently supported).
    picty does not “Import” photos into its own database, it simply provides an interface for accessing them wherever they are. To keep things snappy and to allow you to browse even if you are offline, picty maintains a cache of thumbnails and metadata.

Install Picty on Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 14.10

Since Picty is available through PPA, its very easy to install this application on Ubuntu and derivatives. Please follow these steps to install Picty on Ubuntu.

Open Terminal and paste these commands:

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]






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