Plank Themer-Change Plank Theme in GUI mode, how to install it on EOS Freya

Plank Themer is a nice and useful tool for Plank users. With this Plank-Themer, we can easily change the Plank theme using mouse click. You don’t have to use the older way via Terminal just to change the Plank theme. Plank-Themer works on Ubuntu, Elementary OS and other Ubuntu based Linux. So, its not limited to Elementary OS only. For more information, please visit Plank-Themer website.

plank-themer on freya

plank themer installed on elementary os freya

Plank Themer will place a dock item on your Plank. To change its theme, simply click the Plank-Themer dock and it will popup all available theme. Simply click on theme you want to activate.

To install Plank-Themer on Elementary OS Freya, simply execute the following commands on Terminal

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]


You will be asked to answer Y or N during the installation process


This installation method can be used in most Ubuntu based Linux such as Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 14.10, Elementary OS Luna, Elementary OS Freya, PinguyOS 14.04 and other Ubuntu derivatives. I also planning to include this Plank-Themer on gamblisfx installer script soon.


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