Solus OS 3 Software Center does not working

Solus OS 3 – I just installed Solus OS 3 onto my old laptop Compaq 8510W series. It was working pretty well and so far I am loving it. Solus OS 3 Budgie edition gives a new experiences for me. But there is one annoying bugs (or whatever you may call it). I could not install any software via Software Center for some reason. It tells me that “Another instance of eopkg is running. Only one instance is allowed”. And then it freeze.

But I am sure that there is no other Software Center app is running. I think Solus should do something with their Software Center application. Why its always says updating solus repository everytime I open this software center. Even after I turned off the option for automatic update, it still updating repository on startup.

I need to reboot my system to get it work again.


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