Syncthing 0.9.15, folder sync application on Ubuntu 14.04

Syncthing is a free and open source folder synchronization software for Linux. We can use Syncthing to synchronize folders on two computers in the same network with a secured way. The new Syncthing 0.9.15 is now available which comes with many improvements. You may want to read Syncthing 0.9.15 new features here. This Ubuntu tutorial will guide you how to install Syncthing 0.9.15 on Ubuntu. Also I will show you how to install Syncthing GTK GUI application for easier way to use Syncthing.

Steps to install Syncthing and Syncthing GTK on Ubuntu 14.10

Install Syncthing

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]


syncthing ubuntu 14.10

Install Syncthing GTK

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]


syncthing gtk-ubuntu


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