The Best Mac OS X Mojave Theme for Ubuntu

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. Mac OS X Mojave theme is my favorite among other themes for Linux. Well, it’s a matter of preference and so far I am pretty satisfied with my setup. I am running Ubuntu 18.10 with Mac OS X Mojave style. It looks pretty good, comfortable and beautiful. In this article I am going to share my setup with you who wants to make your Ubuntu looks like Mac OS X Mojave. If you go to website, you will find many Mac OS X themes available there. But many of them are not good enough. But don’t worry, I have compiled some great stuffs so you can try it yourself. Before we go through the installation and setup, here are some screenshots of my Ubuntu 18.10 with Mac OS X Mojave style.

I have the standard and dark mode. They looks great right? The following steps requires some manual settings, so let’s get dirt.


We need to install some stuffs before we install the themes.

A. Install Gnome Tweaks

First, we are going to install Gnome Tweaks on Ubuntu 18.10. Before we install, make sure the Ubuntu Universe repository is enabled. You can enable this repository from Ubuntu Software Sources.

Next, install Gnome Tweak with the following command

B. Install Gnome Extension

Please follow these steps to enable Gnome User Theme extension. This extension allows us to load shell themes from user’s directory. First, install chrome-gnome-shell package.

Next, open Firefox and type the following link

You will need to install the Gnome extension from the website. At the top of the website, click the text that says “Click Here to Install Browser Extension”. And then Click Allow and follow the installation step. You will need to refresh the website afterward.

Next, we are going to install some extensions:

1. User Themes
Slide the On/Off button and then click Install.

2. Activities Configurator
This extension allows us to modify the Activities button/text on Gnome. We will use this to change the Activities text with Mac logo. I will explain this later.

C. Download and Install GTK3 Themes, Gnome Shell and Icon Themes

Now, let’s play with the theme and gnome-shell. First, download the Mac Mojave GTK3 theme from the following link

Install GTK3 Theme

We are going to install the GTK3 theme above to the user’s theme directory. But first, we need to create the folder. See the animation below to create .themes directory. You will also need to create .icons folder in the same way. So, you will have .themes and .icons folder under the home directory.

After download, extract the file to the .themes directory we created above. The gnome-shell theme will also go to this folder.

Install the Icon Theme

First, download the Mac OS X icon theme from the following link

Next, extract the file to .icons directory. Create the .icons directory under your home folder as shown above.

Install the Gnome-Shell Theme

For the best result, download the Gnome Shell theme from this link:

macOS MAJOVE Gnome Shell Theme

For other great Gnome Shell theme, visit the page:

Extract the file and you will find several folders as follow:

Open the 3.30 folder and then copy the Majove-NIGHT folder to your themes directory above. Next, open the Gnome Setting folder and open the Gnome Version using your favorite text editor. Execute each commands on the text file one by one. You can also install the fonts inside the Font folder.

D. Apply the Mac OS Themes

Open Gnome Tweaks and then go to Appearance. Set the Applications theme, icons and shell with the one we have created/copied from the previous steps.

Change the Activities Button with Mac Logo

To change or modify the Activities button, use the Activities Configurator extension. Go to Extension from the Gnome Tweaks page and then click the setting button of the Activities Configurator.

Download the Mac logo from this link below:

E. Download Mojave Wallpapers

If you want, you can download the Mojave Dynamic wallpapers from this link. There are many great Mojave wallpaper in this set.

Mojave Dynamic Wallpapers

Final Words

There are many ways to make your Ubuntu looks like Mac OS X Mojave. It is a great themes for Ubuntu. I feel comfortable working with my Ubuntu laptop with this theme. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it and see you in the next tutorials. Cheers.


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