Top 10 Best Ubuntu 17.10 Themes That Will Make You Fall in Love

Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark is a great Ubuntu release. It comes with GNOME as the default desktop environment. GNOME is another great desktop environment which is very customizable, easy to use and pretty lightweight. There are many ways to make your Ubuntu 17.10 more beautiful. But since there are thousands of themes available on the internet, sometimes it is difficult to pick the best one. But don’t worry, today we are going to share some nice Themes that you can use on Ubuntu 17.10. Here are the Top 10 Best Ubuntu 17.10 Themes. Don’t forget to bookmark this page because we will keep update this post whenever needed.

This post was inspired by a great post on which show The Best Ubuntu 17.10 Themes.

Please note that you may need to install Gnome Tweak Tool to apply these themes into your Ubuntu 17.10. You can install Gnome Tweak Tool using this command

Now let’s have a look our pick of the Top 10 Best Themes for Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark

Best Ubuntu 17.10 Themes

1. Arc Theme

I would like to start my list of the Best Ubuntu 17.10 themes with Arc. It’s a pretty themes for Linux that works with any desktop environment including GNOME, Unity, MATE, XFCE, Budgie and many others. It’s a flat theme with transparent elements. Arc Theme is available on Ubuntu repository. You can install it with the following command

Arc Theme Screenshots

There are three different variants of Arc Theme: Arc, Arc Dark, and Arc Darker. These three themes are installed together with above command.




2. OSX-Arc Theme

If you like Mac OS X style, you will love this theme. OSX-Arc Theme is a special GTK3 theme that will make Ubuntu 17.10 looks like Mac OS X. It’s a clean theme and personally I love this theme so much. OSX-Arc was developed by LinxGem33, the same developer of Arc theme. There are 4 variants available for this theme. You can download and install OSX-Arc with the following command.

OSX Arc White

OSX Arc Plus

OSX Arc Darker

OSX Arc Shadow

best ubuntu 17.10 themes

3. Arc Flatabulous Theme

Arc Flatabulous is a modified version of Arc Theme with flatabulous control. It also mimic your Linux desktop to looks like Mac OS X. There are three variants of Arc Flatabulous you can try.

Arc Flatabulous

Arc Flatabulous Darker

Arc Flatabulous Darker


For a complete make over, follow these steps to install Arc Flatabulous theme set on Ubuntu 17.10. It take extra steps but the final results is worth it.

Install the required packages

Download theme package

Build and install the theme

Now you can apply Arc Flatabulous theme with Gnome Tweak Tool.

4. Pop OS Theme

Pop OS GTK Theme is An adaptive Gtk+ theme based on the Materia GTK+ theme. It tries to mimic the System76 Operating System called Pop OS. It’s a great theme though.


It will also install pop icon theme to your system.

5. Deepin GTK Theme

This is the Deepin inspired theme. Deepin is a great Linux distribution and this GTK theme tries to bring the Deepin looks to any other Linux distribution. This GTK theme supports Gnome 3.26 and other desktop environments as well.


Download Deepin GTK Theme using the link below. Extract it and then move it to /usr/share/themes directory.

[junkie-button url=”” style=”orange” size=”medium” type=”round” target=”_self”] Deepin GTK Theme Download [/junkie-button]

6. macOS Sierra & macOS Sierra Dark Theme

B00merang Team creates many great theme for Linux. One of our favorite was the macOS Sierra. It’s another Mac OS Style theme that works very well on my Ubuntu 17.10.


MacOS Sierra

MacOS Sierra Dark

Additionally, you may want to download LaCapitaine Icon Theme that works best with this macOS Sierra Theme

7. Windows 10 Transformation Pack

If you like Windows 10 style, B00merang also has a great Windows 10 theme. It’s Windows 10 Transformation Pack, a great GTK Theme that will make Ubuntu looks like Windows 10. Also available the dark version of Windows 10 Transformation Pack.


Windows 10 Transformation Pack

The Dark version

8. Adapta

Adapta is an adaptive GTK+ theme based on Material Design Guidelines. It’s a great theme for Ubuntu 17.10. There are 4 variants available: Adapta, Adapta-Eta, Adapta-Nokto and Adapta-Nokto-Eta.


10. Paper

Last but not least, we pick Paper as part of the Best Ubuntu 17.10 Themes. It’s a flat, material design GTK theme. You can visit the official website to get more information about Paper project and their Patreon.


Now enjoy Paper theme and icon theme

Final Thoughts

Make Ubuntu 17.10 more beautiful is a fun thing. You may need or no need to do this modification. But if you do, you may choose from these Best Ubuntu 17.10 Themes collection. We are very happy to write this post. Please share this article if you enjoy it. Leave us comment if you have any other suggestions.


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