Turn Fedora 25 into a powerful Database Server with MariaDB

Its now time to play with Fedora 25 Server. On this tutorial, I will show you how to install the latest version of MariaDB database server on Fedora 25 Server.  The latest stable version of MariaDB 10.1 is available for Fedora 25. We can install it via Terminal. With MariaDB, we can turn our Fedora 25 Server into a powerful SQL database server. As you might know, MariaDB is a fork of MySQL Server which is used by millions users around the world.

Steps to install MariaDB Server on Fedora 25

Open Terminal and execute the following command to install MariaDB as root user.

Start MariaDB server

Check MariaDB status

Make sure the status is Running

Start Mariadb upon startup

Secure MariaDB installation

At this point, our MariaDB server is ready for use. Next time I will write more about MySQL or MariaDB management and usage. Cheers..


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