Ubuntu Tutorial-How to install Steam on Ubuntu 16.04


Steam is a new way of playing games on Linux (Ubuntu). Its a multi platform gaming platform which supports Windows, Mac and Linux. On this tutorial, I am going to show you how to install Steam on Ubuntu 16.04. Installing Steam is pretty easy since its already in Ubuntu Multiverse repository.

I am very happy to know that Steam is available. I was jealous with Windows users that can play any games they want since most game developers are focused on Windows and Mac. With the existence of Steam, Linux users can choose from thousand of games available from Steam repository.

How to Install Steam on Ubuntu 16.04

You may install Steam on Ubuntu 16.04 from both Ubuntu Software Center or via Terminal console as well. I do prefer use the Terminal. The following command is used to install Steam.

During installation, you will be asked to confirm the installation and also accept the license agreement.

how to install steam on ubuntu 16.04Once installed, you need to open Steam from Dash menu. It will download about 250 MB of files from Steam website for additional files required.

download-steam-ubuntuThe whole installation process is pretty exciting to me. One more thing, we also need to create an account on Steam website in order to play free games, download or purchase Steam games. You can create Steam account using this link. Once your account is active, you can search for games from many categories, download and play it. Most of games available in Steam is paid games, but I think its pretty cheap though.

Additionally, we can also use gamepad joystick to work with Steam so its more to play games on Steam with Joystick. Next, I will post how to configure joysticks on Steam.

Use Steam on Ubuntu 16.04

I assume the Steam installation on Ubuntu is now completed. We need to login with our existing user account to Steam application. Also, you will need to confirm the login process via email. Steam will send a confirmation code to our email and we need to enter it to the login page on Steam application


Once logged in, you can start downloading games you want to play.

steam-ubuntuThank you for reading this post and have a nice weekend.


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