Y PPA Manager, a useful PPA tool for Ubuntu users

Y PPA Manager is a tiny tool that is very useful for Ubuntu users to manage the PPA repositories on Ubuntu system. Y PPA Manager was built and maintained by Andrew from webupd8.org. He’s done an awesome work for this. What Y PPA Manager can do for you? You can add new PPA, Manage your PPAs installed on your system, install specific package from PPA, and the most interesting thing is that we can search in Launchpad PPAs and add the PPA directly from Y PPA Manager.

I will not discuss the whole features of Y PPA Manager here, but here are some main features of Y PPA Manager:

y ppa manager 1


Search PPA in Launchpad. Type the PPA you want to search on the search box

y ppa manager 2


The result will be displayed. click on the PPA and press Add selected PPA to add it to your system. Its pretty simple.

y ppa manager 3


Its awesome works. OK now, time to install Y PPA Manager on Ubuntu. Execute the following command on Terminal

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]


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