How to Fix a Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes are exciting and fun to ride, but only when in top-notch condition. After that exhilarating ride through the country roads, you may need to check out your bike before having it hit the rough terrain again. It helps to keep it in good condition for even better performance and keep you safe. You also need to give it a facelift to look nice so that next time when you bring it out, everyone will notice and pat you on the back. You can always check out for the best and cost-effective parts when fixing your bike. 

The Plastics

The plastics bring out the beauty that is your bike. They play an aesthetic role. After a few months bumping your bike on dirt roads, it is bound to have some plastics torn apart and some will fall off leaving your bike looking like it has just had a trip through an apocalyptic desert. You can revamp it yourself by just getting the required plastic parts from a local spare parts shop. It is an easy job of simply unscrewing the torn plastics and replacing them with new ones to give your bike a facelift. You can add some oomph to the entire appearance by adding your favorite graphics.

Fixing Your Tires

Next, check the condition of your tires. Tires are a very crucial component of any bike. When in good condition, you get excellent performance, but when not checked regularly, they can be a big risk to your life. If the tires are worn out, replace them with new ones. Do not compromise on this; go get quality tires with good trends. They will go a long way when you cruise on those rough terrains.

Check the Engine

There is no point in having a nice looking bike that is not performing. You need to change the oil, the filters, and check the carburetor for any apparent issues. Check the brake fluid, which is extremely important, and the coolant to keep your engine running smoothly. Oil, filters, and coolers are available at your local gas station. New riders can seek assistance from seasoned riders, but after a while, you will catch up with the mechanics of your bike. Always ensure you have your tools with you for minor repairs.

Replace the Exhaust System

Check out the exhaust system. One thing you should keep in mind is that every part of the bike is in some way interconnected with every other part. Not necessarily the aesthetic bit though. But on the performance side, and which is the most crucial, you cannot take any chances. You’ve got to give it your best. A good exhaust system goes in line with a good performing engine. You can and some dynamics to give it more power and torque to make a statement when riding.

Check Brakes, Clutch, Pedals

You will never come to a point where you have checked everything, but if you have checked the most important parts, then you are good to go. You need to check the functionality of your clutch, your brakes, and your gas pedals. If any of this is not in top-notch condition, then you won’t manage to ride that bike.


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