Remo Recover Software – A Simple Yet Powerful Recovery Software for Windows

I was looking for simple and reliable recovery software for Windows. After trying some software, finally I landed on this great software called Remo Recover Software. I was working on some files and documents but suddenly something went wrong with my PC and all those files were gone. It was a stressful night. I cannot imagine if I have to re-write all the documents I have been working on. You may have a similar situation when you lost your files, photos, videos and you don’t know what to do.

Fortunately, this Remo Recover Software saved my day. I can get all my files back without any corruption. So In the following article, I will share my experience when using this software and I will show you how to use it to recover your files in less than 2 minutes.

Main Features

For the official features, you can read it here. But personally, these features are very important to a person like me:

  1. Recover any files format.
    This software supports any file format. You don’t need special software for certain formats.
  2. Recover from deleted partition
    USB hard disks often have this kind of problem.
  3. Easy to use
    Remo Recover comes with a simple user interface. Simply select the disk and press the Scan button. That’s all.
  4. Support Deep Scan
    This is also crucial because in the standard scanning mode, sometimes the recovery software cannot find the deleted files. We still have Deep Scan mode where the chance to find the deleted files is way better. It takes longer but worth it.

How to Recover Deleted Files using Remo Recover Windows

So now I am going to show you some basic operating when using this software. First, Open Remo Recover. In the main window, click Recover Files. There are other menus, Recover Photos and Recover Partition. But I mostly use the Recover Files.

On the Home screen, you should see all disks connected to your PC. Internal and External drives should be visible here. Now, select the disk you want to search for deleted files and press the Scan button. The program will do a standard/basic scan.

remo recover software

Once the scanning process is completed, you will see list of recoverable files arranged in different categories such as Images, Audio, Video etc. To view all the data, click All Data. You can also search for a specific file or extension by typing your search criteria.

If you cannot see the files you are trying to recover, click Deep Scan and it will perform a more comprehensive scanning mode. It take longer but the chance to find your deleted files is higher.

To start recovering the files, simply select the file and then click the Save button. And then browse to the folder you want to save the recovered files.

Final Thought

I haven’t tried all the features of this Remo Recover Software but it seems very promising. I deleted some files using the Shift+Del button which means the files should also be removed from my Recycle Bin. And this Remo Recover still can recover the files completely. We can also save the recovery session which can be loaded without having to perform scanning from the beginning. It can save time significantly.

It is great to have a recovery software on our PC just in case we need it. You may lose your files due to accidentally deleted, viruses, or computer crashes. Remo Recover will make your life a lot easier when it comes to recovering files. Get it now.


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