4MLinux Game Edition 9.1 ISO Download

The new version of 4MLinux Game Edition 9.1 is now available for download. 4MLinux Game Edition is a Linux distribution which comes with a lot of game collections. 4MLinux Game Editions is distribute with a single LiveCD so you can use it in Live mode.

4mlinux game edition

4MLinux Game Edition 9.1 Changelog:

This is an updated version using 4MLinux 9.0 as the core system. The 4MLinux collection includes, among other things, the following items: classic "shoot’em up" games (Abuse, Doom, Freedoom, Heretic, Hexen, Quake I, and Quake II), Liero (a realtime "Worms-like" game), Lincity (a construction and management simulation game), space shooters (XGalaga, Kobo Deluxe), Extreme Tux Racer (3D game), DOSBox SVN-r3868 (with some Freeware DOS games), and a set of small games using Qt. GNU Chess 6.1.1 with WinBoard 4.7.33, GNU Go 3.8, and Michael Speck’s LGames are also available.

Download 4MLinux Game Edition 9.1 ISO


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