Automated script for Atom editor installation on Ubuntu 14.04

Hi, I just finished my own script to automate the installation of Atom editor. This script will automatically install latest version of Atom on Ubuntu 14.04 and all derivatives. I¬†create this script for free and I hope a new Linux (Ubuntu) users will helped because they don’t have to search the PPA, or even type the commands to install Atom.

  • Download the script from the link we provided at the end of this post.
  • Make executable. Right click on the script and click properties. Click the Permission tab and check the executable option in there.

script-install atom

  • To run this script, simply right clik and select Run in Konsole (Kubuntu). Different distribution uses different term on running application in Terminal.

Or, you can easily execute the script with the following command on Terminal


Download Install Atom script


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