How to Backup SQL Server Database using iDrive

This short tutorial we will show you how to backup SQL Server Database using iDrive. iDrive is a cloud backup software that you can use to backup your data to the cloud. There are many features on iDrive and we are going to use one of them. With iDrive, we can backup Microsoft SQL Database to cloud storage. 

Why Backup SQL Server Database is Important?

Have you ever wonder to lose your databases that you and your team built over years? If you don’t have good backup plan, losing your data is only matter or time. So, to have a regular, verified backup is an important task. iDrive cloud backup offers a good solution to backup MS SQL Server. We can backup and restore databases without interrupting the database service itself. Set up once and the backup process will continuously protect your SQL database.

Steps to Backup SQL Server Database using iDrive

Step 1. Download and Install iDrive Software

You can download the latest version of iDrive Software from the link we provided below.

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Step 2. Login or create a new iDrive account

In order to perform backup, we need to have iDrive account. You can create a new one using this link. You will get 5 GB free. If you need more storage space, upgrade your account. Now use your login credential on iDrive software. Go to Server Backup and then on the MS SQL Server section, click Backup.

Step 3. Enter your SQL Server credentials

Next, you will need to enter the SQL Server address and login credentials. 

Click Connect to SQL Server. Make sure it’s connected without any errors. You should see all the databases on your SQL Server. 

Select databases you want to backup. You may select single or multiple databases. Next, specify the temporary path which will be used to store the temporary backup data. Next, select Online Backup or Local backup option. If you want to save the backup in iDrive cloud storage, activate Online Backup option. Click Save and then Schedule Now. 

Backup SQL Server Database idrive

You can schedule the backup in daily basis, or hourly. You can also perform backup immediately. 


Backup SQL Server using iDrive is very easy. Even for a new users, iDrive is very convenient, not complex and its fast. We highly recommend iDrive for your cloud backup solution. 

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