Build a low cost Private Server on AWS LightSail, as low as $5

Amazon Lightsail is a new Amazon product which provides a reliable cloud server with simpler payment, easier to setup, secure at very low cost. You can start your own cloud server at $5 per month. Here, I will show you how to create a new LightSail instance in just few minutes. We can try this LightSail instance for free for one month. Very interesting isn’t it?

Step 1. Login to AWS Management Console

If you already have an Amazon AWS account, you can log in to AWS Management Console. Or, you can also create a new one. Please note that you will need a valid credit card in order to join AWS.

Step 2. Create a new Instance

Actually, you can directly go to Amazon LightSail website in order to start building your own private server.

create new lightsail instance 1.png

Click Create Instance to get started. On the next step, select the instance image from the list. There are two category available: Apps + OS and OS Only. You can easily create a complete WordPress server, LAMP Stack, Joomla and some others.

create new lightsail instance 2.png

Or, you can also choose OS Only. Currently there are only two options: Ubuntu and Amazon Linux.

create new lightsail instance 3.png

Next Select Availability Zone from the list. Currently, Amazon LightSail is available in 5 different zones.

create new lightsail instance 4.png

Optionally, you can add launch script or change change SSH key pair if you want. Finally, choose your instance plan and give a unique name for yout new instance.

create new lightsail instance 5

Now enjoy your new private server in the cloud. Thanks to Amazon LightSail.


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