CentOS Tutorial-Step by Step installing CentOS 7

Good Day everyone, hope you all well. Today I am going to install the latest CentOS 7 and I want to use it as a server. So, I choose CentOS 7 Minimal ISO which does not come with any Desktop environment. Only shell console available on this version. Since I want to use it as my server, no GUI is no problem at all.

Steps to install CentOS 7

Step 1. Download ISO

If you want to download the ISO, you may use this link to download CentOS 7 Minimal ISO.

Step 2. Boot Computer

Now, you can either create a LiveUSB or copy it to DVD and boot your computer from it. You can use Rufus to create CentOS Live USB on a Windows machine. On the first wizard, select Install CentOS Linux 7 to start the installation right away.

install centos 7 tutorial 1

Step 3. Select the installation language

install centos 7 select language.png

Step 4. Review the installation summary

On this step, you will need to configure the installation destination.

install centos 7 summary.png

Step 5. Configure disk partition

Click Installation Destination and it will open the disk partition option. We can use the automatic partition or manual. Press Done to continue.

 install centos 7 disk partition.png

Now, click Begin Installation to start the installation process. During installation, you will need to create a new user and specify the password for the root user.

install centos 7 new userinstall centos 7 root password

Step 6. Reboot the system

install centos 7 completed.png

Once the installation completed, reboot CentOS and enjoy.


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