ClearOS Tutorial – How to install ClearOS 7.2 Server

The new version of ClearOS 7.2 is now available for download. ClearOS is a CentOS based Linux server which get its popularity from its powerful core and easy web based management system. This tutorial is going to show you step by step to install ClearOS 7.2 Server. I am using VirtualBox to install this ClearOS 7.2 and it works like a charm.

First, download the ISO of ClearOS 7.2 from the official download page. Boot your PC or Virtual Machine with this ISO file.

Select the installation language

clearos 7.2 installation 1

Press Continue and then you should see a system summary. On this window, you will need to select and configure the installation destination.

clearos 7.2 installation 2

Click Installation Destination to select the disk to install ClearOS 7.2. If you have more than one disks, you must select one disk. You can also select Other Storage Option for more advanced users.

clearos 7.2 installation 3.png

Next, you will be returned to the system summary.

clearos 7.2 installation 4

Press Begin installation to start the install process. During installation we need to specify the root password.

clearos 7.2 installation 5.png

The installation will take some times.

clearos 7.2 installation 6.png

When the installation is completed, reboot your system.

clearos 7.2 installation 7.png

Upon reboot, you will see the ClearOS system summary. You will find some important information here.

clearos 7.2 installation 8.png

 The ClearOS 7.2 installation is completed. I will show you how to configure ClearOS 7.2 for the first time in another post.


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