Download and install Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008

SQL Server Express is the free edition of the popular relational database SQL Server. I want to install this MS SQL Server 2008 on my Windows 7 computer because I need it to be used as the back end database for my Datashed software. I want to show you how to install Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition 2008 on Windows 7.

A. Download MS SQL Server Express 2008

First, you will need to download the setup file for MS SQL Server Express 2008. Navigate to this official download page for SQL Server Express 2008.

B. Install SQL Server Express 2008

Double click the setup file you just downloaded and follow on screen install wizard. On the first wizard page, please review your planning and then click Installation from the left menu.

install sqlserver express 1

Next click New SQL Server stand alone installation or add features to existing installation.

install sqlserver express 2

The installer will check Setup Support Rules. Make sure all passed. Press OK to continue

install sqlserver express 3

Since this is the free edition, you don’t have to worry about product key. Pressing Next button would be fine.

install sqlserver express 4

Accept the license term.

install sqlserver express 5

When ready, press Install. The installer will check your system. Make sure your system meet the requirements.

install sqlserver express 6

Select the feature you want to install. Also you can specify the shared feature directory

install sqlserver express 7

Create a new database instance. Change the instance name as desired

install sqlserver express 8

Make sure you have enough room to install SQL Server

install sqlserver express 9

Configure the Server. You must choose username and password for the SQL Server

install sqlserver express 11

Next select account provisioning. Make sure you add at least one administrator. Go to Data directories tab to specify the SQL Server data directories.

install sqlserver express 13

Error and Usage Reporting. You can send error report to Windows if you want. Press Next to continue.

install sqlserver express 14

Installation Rules check

install sqlserver express 15

Verifying the installation

install sqlserver express 16

Press install to start the installation.

install sqlserver express 17

When the installation finished, you should see the following page.

install sqlserver express 19

Now reboot the computer to complete the installation.


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