Download GNOME Boxes 3.12.1

The new version of GNOME Boxes 3.12.1 is now available. GNOME Boxes is an open source application that allows us to access remote or virtual machines. It is distributed as part of the GNOME project and uses the Qemu virtualization software for the actual virtualization. GNOME Boxes 3.12.1 can be used to connect to a local virtual machine, connect to a work machine from home, view, access and use remote systems, as well as local and remote virtual machines.

download gnome boxes 3.12.1

Below you can download the latest GNOME Boxes 3.12.1 for most Linux distribution. This is not a specific package for Linux. This package should be installable on any Linux distribution.

Download GNOME Boxes 3.12.1.tar.xz


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