Download GParted Live 0.18.0-2 ISO

The new stable version of GParted Live is now available for download. This is the new GParted Live 0.18.0-2. GParted Live is a Linux distribution that is designed for disk management. You can use GParted to create, edit or delete partitions on your disk. It comes with a simple GUI which should be usable for anyone.


What’s new in this GParted Live 0.18.0-2?

The GParted team is proud to announce another stable release of GParted Live. This live image fixes a bug with the SSH host key protocol ed25519 not being generated during boot. Other items of note include: based on the Debian’s ‘Sid’ repository as of 2014-04-10; updated Linux kernel to version 3.13.7; updated GRUB to 2.02beta2. Added the following programs: screen – screen manager with terminal emulation; rsync – a fast and versatile file-copying tool; ping – check network connectivity to another host on a network; telnet – communicate with another host using the TELNET protocol; traceroute – print the route packets trace to network host

There are many paid software for disk management out there. If we can get this for free, why should we purchase? GParted Live is a perfect tool for your disk and partition management task.

Download GParted Live 0.18.0-2 ISO:



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