Dropbox 3.4.0 for Linux is now available

The new version of Dropbox application version 3.4.0 is now out. This is the official Dropbox GUI application for Linux system. Dropbox is an cloud storage service which allows us to store our files online and accessible from anywhere with internet connection.

This new Dropbox 3.4.0 for Linux comes with few minor updates. No major improvements or GUI design has been made. You can install Dropbox 3.4.0 on most Linux distribution including Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora and all derivatives.

Install Dropbox 3.4.0 on Linux

The installation of Dropbox is pretty easy. Because its available in various binary package for most/major Linux distribution, users can directly install the Dropbox binary package right away. No manual compilation needed. Once installed, you will be asked to enter your Dropbox credentials or create a new one.

Download Dropbox 3.4.0

Please select Dropbox package from the link we provided below.


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