Edit video using Bandicut Video Cutter 1.3.1

Bandicut Video Cutter is a simple video editing too which allows us to cut or split video into several parts. This is a very simple video cutter application for Windows. Here I will show you how to easily cut a video using Bandicut Video Cutter 1.3.1.

First, open Bandicut and open your video using open file button.

cut video using bandicut 1

To cut a video, move the slider to the place where will be the start of the cut.

cut video using bandicut 2

And then press Set Segment Start time. Next, move the video slider to the place that will be the end of the video segment.

cut video using bandicut 3

And then press Set Segment End Time. Finally, press Start to start the cutting process. You will be asked to save the edited video as follow

cut video using bandicut 4

Here you will need to specify the file name, mode and file format. Press Start to start the cutting process. That’s it. Cutting video made easier with Bandicut Video Cutter. You can download Bandicut Video Cutter from the link below. Please note that Bandicut is a commercial software. You will be granted for trial version. If you need more features unlocked, you must purchase Bandicut Video Cutter full version. You will get the registration code to activate the full version.

Download Bandicut Video Cutter 1.3.1


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