ExpanDrive 4.2.1, a complete client solution for your Cloud account

If you own accounts on several Cloud storage providers such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, Copy, Box, Google Drive, OwnCloud you can try this powerful application called ExpanDrive. ExpanDrive is a network drive for the Cloud storage. This application will let us to mount the remote Cloud storage into our computer as a network drive. ExpanDrive supports various Cloud system and we can easily add them to our computer.

expandrive 1

Once connected the remote storage will appear as a network drive on My Computer. See picture below.

expandrive 2

ExpanDrive is very useful for us who has many Cloud accounts and want to mount them as a network drive on Windows and Mac OS X. You may download the free trial version of ExpanDrive and test it to connect to your Cloud accounts. You can download the installation file from this link. You will be granted to try the full functioning software for 7 days. After that you will need to obtain the serial number to unlock the limitation.

Please note that we do not provide the download link for ExpanDrive full version, serial number, keygen, crack or any other illegal materials.


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