Finally I can run OpenSUSE 13.2 RC on my laptop

After struggling to run OpenSUSE 13.2 RC GNOME edition on my laptop via VirtualBox finally I gave up. I still can’t get this OpenSUSE 13.2 RC Gnome edition run on my VirtualBox. Don’t know why this happened and there still pain in my head because of this. At the end, I create a Live USB and boot my laptop with OpenSUSE 13.2 RC Live USB. Yea, I can run this OpenSUSE 13.2 on my laptop via Live USB. You can read how to create OpenSUSE 13.2 Live USB if you want.

opensuse 13.2 screenshot 2I am impressed by the performance of this OpenSUSE 13.2. Even its not the final release but I feel comfort with the animation, fast response on every click and off course the simplicity of the GNOME desktop.

OpenSUSE 13.2 GNOME edition comes with pre installed Gnome Tweak Tool by default.We can easily modify and tweaks many things with this Gnome Tweak Tool. You can find this tool inside Settings. Now we can easily change the icon and theme on OpenSUSE 13.2 quicker with Gnome Tweak Tool.

gnome tweak tool opensuse 13.2Another cool thingĀ  is the animation on the application menu. This animation was introduced on Gnome 3.13 and now improved on Gnome 3.14.

opensuse 13.2 screenshot 3OpenSUSE 13.2 RC comes with the following applications:

  • Linux Kernel 3.16.3-1
  • Gnome version 3.14
  • LibreOffice
  • Mozilla Firefox 32.0.1
  • IcedTea Java 1.5.1
  • Transmission 2.84
  • GRsync 1.2.4

And still many other applications. You should give this OpenSUSE 13.2 a try and share your opinion here.



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