Fix error unable to load odbcji32.dll on Windows 10

Recently I got this error when trying to connect to my existing ODBC on my Windows 10. I am not sure why I got this error. As far as I remember, this problem occur after I installed Mapinfo Pro 64 bit on my Windows 10. I am looking around Google to find the solution for this.


“unable to load odbcji32.dll”

This error show up everytime I tried to connect to my ODBC. For example, I was trying to open an ODBC connection from Visual Studio 2015. I want to add ODBC data source to my project and keep getting this error.

odbcji32.dll error

Recent updates to Microsoft Office have changed the Microsoft Access database drivers that older versions of FileCenter and FileConvert have been using. These Microsoft updates are now causing database connection errors like odbcjt32.dll missing or unable to load odbcji32.dll when opening FileCenter or FileConvert.


I have tested this solution and it works. First, uninstall all Microsoft Access Database Engine (English) from Program & Features.

odbcji32.dll error fixed

Previously, I have two of this entry on my program list. So, I remove them all.

Install Microsoft Access database Engine 2010.

Next step is to re-install Microsoft Access database Engine 2010. You may download the installer from this link. Make sure you select the first one, not the 64 bit version.

download accessdatabaseengineNow, restart the application and viola….the error was gone and now I can work easily without seeing the error “unable to load odbcji32.dll” anymore.


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